Pax Europa

It is the late 19th Century.

The world has taken a weird turn. Steam powers human-like automata and the calculation engines in their skulls. The discovery of aether led to the creation of ships that ply the space between Earth, the Moon and beyond. Mars has been found to be populated by humanoids and aliens.

Now, in accord with the wishes of the late Alfred Nobel, the Swedish Institute of Science has invited delegations from the great imperial nations of Europa to a symposium. Under the watchful eye of the Swedes they will compete for Nobel Medals and bragging rights as the most advanced scientific nation on Earth.

Britain, France, Germany and Russia are sending delegations of their best scientists, adventurers, military officers and diplomats. With them they bring their latest electric rifles, steam-powered automata, unearthed Egyptian treasures, and Martian envoys.

Not only is national pride at stake, but also individual honour and reputation. Delegates hope to arrange international treaties, settle old grudges and indulge in romantic assignations, all the while dealing with intrigue, espionage, blackmail, and duels.

For Science!